October 17, 1862

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November 5, 1862


My Dear Ma_

October the 23, 1862

I take this oportunity to write you a few lines and send it in billys letter. Isaac received his letter the 23 of this month and told me that you had wrote three letters and had not received nary one.  I sent one the same day that I received your first letter and the next day I received another one. a few day after words I answered them both at once.  I am sorry to hear that the children has had the ague and fever I am well at presant except a cold and have ben bothered with the tooth ake.  tel anny to write to me and jim henry also tel him that I would like to come to his shucking if he has made any corn to shuck.  tell him that I expect he will be in the calverry next sumer on his sorrel mad.  you must save me some chesnuts untill christmast day and if I dont come by that day you may eat them and think of the one you saved them for you must write often and let me hear from you a11.  I should be the gladest of a11 things to see you all now.  they say the small pox is in our brigade but I dont know whither it is so or not.  I hope it is not so nothing more at presant but remain your husband until death     John William Watson


Willy Payne says tel his mother to save him one gallon of chesnuts let them cost what they may. willy says will you send him word of miss anna griffis is dead. I got a letter from ellen reaves stating that she was dead but I dont know how to believe it.  is it miss Susan or Sally Rockfellow that is dead we have heard first and then the other and we dont know which one it is yet

W. T. Pavne

(also upside down on second page- -Margaret Watson)