October 23, 1862

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June 29, 1863


November the 5, 1862

My Dear Wife

I take this oportunity to write you an answer to your litter that I received the 3 day of this month which came in my hands with pleasure. I was glad to heare that you were well but I am verry sorry to hear that my children are sick. I feel like that I never shal see them any more but I trust in god that he may spare me to come back to see you all again. I am quite well at presant except a cold which I cant expect any thing els for I have got no blanket and no shoes as for the balance of my clothing I can do verry well. billy Bloxham received a letter from his Sister Sally while I was writing this. billy and Jimmy and Willy Payne are all well and harty. I should be the gladest of all things in this world to see you and the children and farther and mouther and Sister and brother and also all the neighbours. My love to you and aunt pegy and mary and the children give my best respects to farther mother sisters brother and all inquiring friends. I know we are a great way apart but I think of the both night and day and dream of being with you and the children and wake up and find it not so and it disapoints me verry mutch. I am glad to hear that farther had made a good crop of corn. you say you have some mony yet I am going to run the risk to send you some mony by mr. Noey (Noah) Jones hoo has got a dis charge from our company by being over age.

I will send you twenty five dollars now. I could spare you fifty or sixty but I am a fread to send it for fear the yankes may take him and rob him. I will send you some more the first oportunity if I cant come home my self and I fear I cant come with running away and I dont like to do that if I can help it. Billy send his love to you all and to his farther and abe say he will write soon and tell him to write and let me hear from him. Weare in clark county at this time and in about 5 miles of the blew rige and about 12 or 15 miles of winchester. You may still send your letters there you must write often and let me hear from you and the children I feel uneasy about my children. I have to write with pensyl some times when I cant get pen and ink. You may look for me some time this winter if I live and nothing happens. Nothing more at presant but remain your kind and affectionate husband untill death

John W. Watson