October 5, 1862

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October 23, 1862


Frederick County                                                                                    October The 17, 1862



My Dear Wife

I take this oportunity to write you an answer to your leters that I received the 6 and the 7 of this presant month which found me injoying good helth. I was glad to hear that you were all well the children you wrote has had the hooting cough but are well. I am glad to hear that they got well of it. I was very sorry to hear the death of cousin Mary Groves death. James Allen is proud of his colt I recken I would be glad to hear him talk about his little horse. I am glad to hear that farther and mother and sisters and brother are we11. William Dent told me he saw Farther and he said they were a11 well. I wrote you a letter the same morning that I received your first letter        the next day I got the other the one you wrote the first day of October. How does your corn and bacon holdout. I expect you are in want of mony         but I cant see no way to send it to you but the first chance I see I wi11 send you some. I hope that you bought shoes and such things as you would need this winter as far as your mony would go. I am as well and harty as I ever was. Tell Aunt Peggy that I am the best little fellow she ever saw. I in tend to come home as soon as I can if dont get kiled in a fight soon Isaac is well at presant. He wrote to you the same    day that I did and Williy Payne is well and sends his love to you all and to mothers family and to his mothers family and all in inquiring friends. We have ben in camp here going on three week but we expect to leave here to day but I dont know where we are going. I would be the gladest of all things in the wourld if we could come down towards home. My best love to all. You must excuse my badly riten litter. James P. Bloxham has got back safe he has ben here three or four days he is quite well he look a grate deal better than he did when he left. William Bloxham sends his love to you all nothing more at presant so I will bring my letter  (end of transcript)