November 5, 1862

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July 8, 1863


June the 29, 1863. The State of Pensylvannia

 (franklin County)

My Dear Wife

I sit my self down with grief and troubles to write you a few lines to let you know where I am and how I am. I am well as could be expected after such along and werrisome march that we have taken from 1 mile below fredericksburg up through the vally of virginia and crosed the potomac river at Shepherd town and marched thrugh maryland and into pensylvania. we got there friday 26 of June about 2 oclock and marched and march again on Saturday and camped near the mountain about 65 miles from harrisonburg the capital of pensylvania. I dont know whither weare going there or not it is impossible for us to know where we are we get there. we rested Sunday but are redy to march this morning but we are here yet awaiting for further orders. I read a letter from Stafford County yesterday from mrs Lucy Boller to her brother Lewis Payne in our company.  She says he would not know the place whene he got in sight of it. and says the place is cut down and burned up so that it is a desolate looking place.  My Dear margaret I would have ben the gladest of all things if I had knew that willy Payne was going to Stafford Time enougf to have written to you a11. but by the Time I knew he was going he was gon. g and I wrote one and left it at aunt Susan Bloxham to send to you at the first opotunity you must write to me as soon as you get this and let me hear from you and Mother and farther and all the familys around. and let me harm the yankees have done in Stafford. give my love to mother and farther and all the famly and to aunt Peggy and mary and to al inquiring friends if I have any. but keep the gratest potion for your self. I have ben tempted to runaway and com hom but I do so dislike to do the like but if I had of knew this when I was in Spotsylvania I should have come home for a while I would give the wirdl to be with you all but we are a long ways apart at this presant time. but I trust in god that I shal live to see you all again. I shal live in hope if I dye in dispar. we are now in the enimy cuntry we know not what will befall us for some of our solders have done mity bad since they have ben here but orders was read out last eavning prohibiting any private property being taken only by the quarter masters. James P. Bloxham is well and sends his love to you all and says he wants to send a letter home.  Payton Jones sends best respects to you all family and to farther. You mist excuse this letter being written with a pensyl for ink is hard to get. nothing more your at presant but remain your  sinser and affectionate husband intil death

John W. Watson

(the following lines were written, then marked through)

you must direct your letter to 4th (47th) reg com I fealdes (Field’s) old bregad and heath (Heth’s) division and ap Hill Cour


you had better direct letter to winchester


you must direct your letter to winchester baker house hospital


Thus I dream and hope, and pray, All the weary hours away,

But I know his cause is just,

And I center all my trust

In thy promice     as thy days,

Lo Shall thy strength be -always! Yet I need thy guidance still! Farther! let me do thy will!

Sergt          John William Watson