March 14, 1864

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March 27, 1864



the                                                     Va

March 18, 1864, Camp Near Orange Court House


Dear Friend

I seat my self to answer your kind and ever welcome letter that came to hand the 18 of the presant month and I was glad to hear that you and all the famly were well.  This leaves me well at presant and I sincerely hope when this reaches you it may find you still enjoying good helth.  I was verry glad to hear from you  and all my Friends if I have any  Thoe I am so fare away I hope I Shall Still have Friends as long as I shall live on the acount of my Dear wife and children.  I received a letter from marg the day you wrote yours and I was verry glad to hear from them you must stay with her all you can.  you spoke of two weddings in Stafford sence I left home.  but you did not till me who they were.  You speak of the times being so gloomey Yes they are gloomey heare with us for we cant see nothing but solders.  I am so tiard of seeing a persal of men stuck about in the woods.  I think it is the foolishes looking thing I ever saw in my life.  But I hope the day is not fare distant when the solder lay down The Sword for a harp.  The crop for a crown.  Then sink not in sorrow despond not in fear.  A glorious tomarrow is brightning and near.  When blessed reward for each faithful endeavor. christians with christ shall be soon and for ever.  give my best respects to all inquiring friends and keep a potion your self.  give my respects to John & Virginia and Tell    Them to write to me.  you must excuse all mistakes and blots & this short letter.  I have no news of any importance to write  mr Fox says he is mutch oblige to you for your respects says he wishes you to axcept his in return.  So I will close by remaining your sincear friend untill death

please write soon                      John. W. Watson