March 6, 1864

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March 18, 1864



March 14, 1864


Orange County. Va.   Camp Near Gordainvill


My Dear wife

         I imbrace the presant oppotunity of writting you a few lines in answer to your kind and ever welcome letter.  that I receive The 12 of the presant month.  it gave me great pleasure to hear from you.  and the children & all my Friends  This leavs me well ________ very bad cold but I hope ________long.  and I sincearely hope when this reaches you it may find you enjoying good helth.  I cant see what is to hinder us from having colds.  for two or three days it rained and the water ran through our tent from one side to the other.  and I hardly know how we would sleep.  but as it was we maid out verry well.  we are verry well fixed at presant.  we have built another chimney.  I think that is what has maid my cold worse than it was This makes the Third chimney we have had this winter and I dont expect to Stay hear long.  So you say I must not get low spirited and not let trifles disturb me.  My Dear I Think I have anougf(crossed out) enough to disturb & trouble me so fare from those I dearly love.  and no one to speek words of comfort and to sooth my pain  I would to god that this cruel and unjust war was over so that we could meet and enjoy our selves the remainder of our days on earth together  I hope that day is not fare distant when our little confredercy may be a happy and indipendant Nation.  My Dear you Speek a great deal about the duch girles.  if no boddy cares no more for them than I do they would come out badly.  you need not be afraid of me falling in love with them.  for I hardly ever Think about Them without I hear some one talking about Them.  and Then it is in at one ear and out at The other.  I hope you wont Think such as that of me.  if I was to say such of you you would not like it  But I dont accuse you of any Thing of the kind  I would have writen and sent it by mr Berry but his dis charge came to him so unexpecting and he left so soon that I had not time to write.  he left hear for home the 13.  Willy & Jim Posy left hear the 7 at night on a 15 day furlough.  I wish I was with Them to enjoy myself with them for I know they are seeing a nice time   I hope you will not think of leaving and going north as long as you can help it.  you speak of the southern woman what ladies are those you speek off.  Te11 annie she must cut her cards right and not have two many irons in the fire at once. for if she does She will let Some of Them burn. give my respects to her and tell her to write soon and let me hear from her and Thad. give my respects to Sallie and tell her that she must stay with you all she can & tell her to send J.P. Jones up to his Regt.  for he has ben home long enough.  charly Schooller Talks like he is coming to Stafford before long.   My Dear I wish if it is so that Willy & Jimmy can bring me a Small print of Butter.  I would be obliged to you and also to the boys if they can bring it.  but if they have mutch to bring I would not bother Them.  you neadent to think that I am suffering for any thing to eat.  by sending for this.  we are hear where there are no milk nor butter to be had.  we draw coffee & shugar & rice & molasses twice a week.  with bag? of fower & 1/2 lb of bacon per day.  and som times we draw corn meal and beaf in place of flower & bacon. let me know if you have got your flower yet.  give my respects to Father & mother & Jim Henry and tell them they must write soon.  give my respects to all enquiring Friends & keep a good potion for your self and children.  I will now bring my disintering letter to a close by remaining your kind and affectionate husband untill death   So good by.  you must write as soon as you get this John. W. Watson    

. (Along top of second page in smaller letters turned on its side reads:

it is rumored that we are going to tenessee but I hope it is not so)