October 21, 1863

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November 16, 1863


(These pages are undated, but appear to have been written about this time)



My Dear Mother and Farther

I write a few lines to you all.  I am well at presant except my wound and that is almost well and I hope when this reches you it may find you injoy the same kind blesing.  I am sorry to hear that James Henry has ben biten by a snake.  I hope it is not daingerous you must write to me and let me hear from you all give my love to all inquiring friend and kep a portion for your selves.  nothing more at presant but remains your Sose(?) until Death

John William Watson


give my respects to your farthers and all inquiring friends























Mrs. Margaret Watson (on separate page--perhaps back or outside of letter)


(Part of letter is missing.)

hear my best love to you the children and Aunt peggy and Mary murry (across top of page)

The reason why I was in such low spirits was that I could not hear from you.  and all my friends. and no person with me but mr. Dent and strangers hom I have gotten aquainted with since I have ben here. mr Dent went to his company wednesday before last.  I hope I shal go too before long.  my dear I am as well and harty as I ever was but my wound is not quite well yet but soon will be well enough to try them again.  but I hope that I never may have that to do.  oh yes my dear friend I have put my trust in him. and shal still trust him to the end.  mag you must trust in god to be a husband to you.  and a farther to my dear little's ones.  while I am absent.  and he will bless you.  if you trust in him. remember me in your prayers to him

There is a revival going on in richmond.  I have ben to church 4 times sence it comence and I want to go tonight if nothing prevents. do you all have any preaching in Stafford now.  has farther got any crop this year.  how is James Allens little horse coming on or is his horse dead.  I just received a letter from the company they are a11 well.  you must write soon for I would be glad to get a letter every week and let me hear all the news.  and when you write you may direct your letter to the 47 va Regt Walkers bregade and Heths division A P Hills corps.  for I expect to go to my company the first of next month I will now bring my uninterresting letter to a close nothing more at presant but remain your kind and love husband until death.  John W. Watson