October 22, 1863

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December 16, 1863


Orange County Va  November the 16, 1863


My Dear Wife

I take this presant opotunity to write you a few lines to let you know that I have reached my regt in safety.  and am in good helth at presant and hope when this letter comes to hand it may find you and the children enjoying the same kind blesing.  we staid in fredericksburg until Saturday morning the 14 and went to gordainsvill that day.  and the next morning went to Orange court house and we marched from there to camp which is about 1- miles.  we do expect to leave here but dont know where we are going.  Neather of those letters you sent to the regt has not come here yet.  and I dont expect they will come.  I went to see Alice A Honey Friday morning and eat brakfast with them and staid in town until the next morning. and Saturday morning I was sent to falmouth with a deserter that we errestered in town that morning.  and I call to see Jinny and her family but had but a few minutes to stay with them I would liked verry mutch to went to your farthers but I had not the time to go.  we have see a quite a lively time sence we left home but great deal rather be at home with you and my little ones.  you must try and comply with the request that I asked of you and if you will I shall feel a great deal better sadesfide.  I know it is a hard thing to give up everry thing and cast you self on our savour who is able to save to the utmost everry one that come unto him in sincerty and in truth.  but if you hope to be happy after death you must put your trust in him and keep his commandments.  my dear and loveing companion trust in god that when we meat again that we may join in prear together to our lord and saviour.  you must read your bible and study it more than you have don here tofore.  we are all well at presant willy Payne has gon to day to see his little girl.  James Posy has gon on a detale for fortigue duty. give my best respects to all of my friends and keep a good potion for your self You must write soon and often for I would be glad to hear from you evry week if I could I hope if the yankees dont come in there I may hear from you a11 often.  and if I can come home this winter I am coming.  nothing more at presant but remain your sincer husband untill death good by my dear                                                   John W. Watson


direct your letters to

Co I  47 Regt Va    

Walkers bregade

Heths division

A. P. Hills Corps