VI. Uniforms
The following items of clothing are the essentials that will need to be acuired as soon as possible.


   1.Pants (with suspenders)
   2.Shirt (cotton)
   3.Jacket (Shell, Sack, or Frock)
   4.Brogans (shoes)
   5.Socks (wool)
   6.Hat (Kepi or Slouch)


   2.Cap Box (goes on the belt, right front)
   3.Cartridge Box (on belt or over shoulder, right hip)
   4.Scabbard (for bayonet, on belt, left hip)
   5.Canteen (over shoulder, left side)
   6.Haversack (over shoulder, left hip)

All of these items may be attained from sutlers at the events or by mail. Some local sutlers are:

1. Fair Oaks Sutler, Spotsylvania, 972-7744 (Very recommended, has it all)

2. Fall Creek Sutlery (Good selections for newcomers)
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