I. Basics

A. Kinds of Commands

There are three kinds of commands:

    1. Caution
    2. Preparatory

For example:

    1. Company (Caution: alerts company that a command is about to be given. It may also be given as Battalion",
         "Squad", or by rank).
    2. Forward (Preparatory: tells the company what they are going to do).
    3. MARCH (Execution: tells the company to perform the movement called for. On this command you begin

Some times the Caution command is not given.

From this point on, only the command of execution will be printed in all capital letters. The above command would appear in the following way:

1. Company   2. Forward   3. MARCH

B. Position of Attention

The commands to come to the position of attention are:

1. Attention   2. COMPANY

In the position of attention, the soldier will stand with the heels close together and the toes out, forming a right angle. The body is relaxed, but straight, little fingers touching the pants seem, with palms outward. The eyes look to the ground about fifteen paces to the front.
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