April 11, 1862

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October 5, 1862


September 1862

Dear Wife

I take this oportunity to write you a few lines to let you know how I am geting along. I am a little better than I was when I wrote before but I am march nearly to death. We have march from mearland back to virginia and by martainburg down to harpers ferry and had a battle there on the 14 September and on monday the 15 they surrendered. We took 13 thousand prisoners and about 45 peaces of cannon and twelve hundred horses and others stores and goods of all kinds and on tuesday we sent them home on parol of oner we left on tuesday morning and march about five miles and back to harpers ferry that eavning and staid til next morning and went back to mearland and had a battle over there and then came back to virginia again and had a verry hard battle near Sheaperd ville and then we march in about two miles of martainburg and camped. and we are here to day but I cant say we will be here to marrer. The 23 of Sept we sertainly have seen a hard time since we left richmond and as for the towns and villegs we past thrue I cant recerlect how many nor the names of them. I would be verry glad to know the names of them all. I wrote to you the 7 of Sept 1862 and for fear you did not get it I thought I would write you another letter.  You must answer this letter as soon as get it and let me hear from you all and how you are get along. I understand the yankes have left Stafford county. I hope and trust they have not ingered you a11 much. I have herd they did not do much damage there and I hope it may be so. I hope to see you all soon for if the war dont end soon and the army comes any where near home I am coming home to see you all. I believe all of our boys are well at presant thats here with us. heare is my best love to you and the children and all of my friends. tell them to write to me and let me hear from them. I would be glad to near from any of them. William S. Bloxton send his love to you all and says he trust in god he may come back to his old native land once more. I now come to a close to a close. you must excuse this small letter this time if I get answer I send you a long one

yours truly. John W. Watson