July 8, 1863

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October 21, 1863



Rhichmond Va Sept 27, 1863


My Dear wife

      I take my pen in hand to answer your kind an affectionate letter that I received on the 26 of the presant month.  which came verry unexpected to me. but happy was I on opening it and finding it was from you.  and to hear that you were all well. Oh my dear I was so delighted I could not help but shed tears as I red these lines you sent to me. you say you have received 4 letters from me. and have written 3 to me I have not received but 2 from you. you know my dear that I would give the world if it were in my power to come home

and see you all but you know that I cant get there. for the doctors wont give me any furlough. but I shal come home if I live the first chance that I can get you may be shure of that

Mr. Duf Green was hear yesterday & staid all night with us & eat his brakfast with me this morning and he look verry well and told me to give his respects to you & told me to tell you houdy. when you write again you must let me hear if you got your flower.  and if you have let me know what it cost you.  W. T. Payne & Jammy are well and harty. Willy sends his love to you & the children & to cousin Anna and Says when she saw my little girl & tell her to write & send it when you write.  and let me hear from her.  Jimmy sends his respects to you and all enquiring Friend.  you must excuse me for writing on this slip of paper as the other one would not hold enough   you must exuse me for writting so mutch noncence.  take god care of your self.  and my sweet little children  My Dear wife let me beseech you to train those little olive plants that God has given you and me.  to grow round about your table. for Christ and for Heaven. Keep those young hearts and minds from the impure, polluting pleasures of the world, lest they prove to you curses instead of blesings. and bring down your grey hears with sorrow to the grave. excuse  a11 mistakes and blots

I will now close so fare well for a while

John William Watson

Willy has just received your letter of the 7 of the presant month