December 29, 1863

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January 16, 1864



Shenandoah County Va Camp Near Mount Jackson Jan 4, 1864

My Dear Wife

I take the presant oppotunity to write you a few lines to let you know That I am well at presant.  and hope when this Reaches you it may find you enjoying The Same good and Kind Blesing.  I Shall not Say anything about my trip from Orange up here. being as I have written Two letter to you and one to Farther Sence we have ben up hear  I wrote to you when we was at buffalow gap the 16 of Dec and 1 the 29 of Dec sence we have ben hear.  you said in your last letter That a month was along time not to hear from me.

My Dear Marg I would be glad to hear from you evry week if it was so that

I could hear from you. But I Hope there is a day coming That we Shall meat & live Happily to geather  The remainder of our days you must write soon as you get this letter. Please write often and send me a11 the news.  give my best respects to all enquiring Friends and Keep a potion for your self.  and children         Kiss the children for me.  has allice got any Shoes yet.  Give my best respects to your- sisters and your farther & tell them to write to me and let me hear from them.  I will now bring few lines to a close excuse bad writen and this short letter no more at presant but remain your kind and affectionate husband untill Death So good by my Dear John W. Watson.