April 19, 1864

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I Leave My home & the one I love

1   Farwell farwell farwell sweet home

    The hour for parting is nigh

I gaze upon thy lofty dome,

My bosom heaves a sigh.


2  Although I Leave and wander off

    Till miles betwen us be,

    Each moving thought my heart will thrill

    When I rember thee.


3  Adieue adieue to the one I love

    My heart I leave with thee,

    Pray keep it for thy selfe alone

    It is a gift from me.



4  Hast I thine love in return

    Yes thou sayest tis true,

    Then let us nurse and keep them warm

    Till I return to you.


5  When far away from the I roam

    I shall not the forget,

    Though months and years might roll away,

    And I would love the yet.


6  Then let not doubting or dispar

    Disturb thy peaceful breast,

    Wher'er thou art my heart is there,

     It seeks thine own for rest.


7   For get me not when I am gon

     Is the only boon I ask,

     For me to love and think of the

     Is but a pleasant task.


8   Adieu! adieu! Thou lovely one.

     Adieu! oh think of me,

     May the banners of peace be now unfurled

     And rest their smiles on thee.


Written by John W. Watson

(Date unknown)