April 7, 1864

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April 19, 1864


Aprel the 11. 18(64)

 Orange County Virginia. Camp Near Orange C.H.

Dear Wife

       I Seat my self this morning to write you a few lines in answer to your letter.  that I received the 10 of the presant month which found me well  I sincearly hope when this reaches you it may find you enjoying the same great good blesing.  I have ben looking for a letter from you for the last 10 days & you may immagin that I was glad to hear from you & from all of my friends.  it has ben twenty days sence I got a letter from you before.  I sent you a letter the fourteenth of march & one the twenty 28th & you say you have not received any from me sence the boys came home.  you must write as often as you can and try & get them over the river for it is a11 the enjoyment that I can see.  is to get letters from my friends.  I believe if our communication is cut of(f) I shall a11 most go crazy. for there is no enjoyment in camp for me.  & we may expect as soon as the weather settles to make a move some whear or other & it may be that we will go right in to a battle & I may be slain on the battle field.  But I trust that I have the same being that has protected me in times past.  & I Still trust that he will Shelter me in time of battle that I expect I shall have to go thrugh dureing This summer campain.  But I trust that I Shall come out safe.  But if it is the Lords will that I Shall fall on the battle field. that you may be protected from all harm & that you may be taken care off. and my poor little children seen to.  But I hope that I Shall live to see this cruel war come to an end & we all return home to our Friends & loved ones whom we long to with again  My Dear I have witnessed three auful Sights sence I was home  I have seen 1 man of our company tided to a stake & Shot(Samuel Dent)* & one of company G of our Regt (Mr Allen)* & one of the 55 Regt(mr Mathers )* & our company had to shoot one of them.  you may immagin how it made me feel to see our boys walk out about 5 Steps in front of him & shoot him.  My Dear if this cruel war was. over. & we were togeather as we have ben in times that are past and gon.  I should be one of the happyest poor Rebel you ever Saw in your life.  I should know What it was to enjoy the pleasures of home, you must nock along & do the best you can.  give my love to Jimmy & Alice & tell them that I say they must be good Children & help ma to work. hug & kiss willy for me.  give my respects to mother & Father & Annie & James Henry  Tell him I wrote to him the twenty first of March. & tell him he must write soon & let me hear how he is geting along farming in the commons.  I am afread that if he plants a crop of corn it will be distroyed. give my respects to cousin Sallie. B? & to cousin Beck.  & also to Aunt Susan & all the famly. & tell Elizabeth That I got a letter from mr Stuart a few day agoe 6 he was well & Told me to send his love to you and all inquiring Friends.  Mr Fox joins me in love to you. & all inquiring Friends.  I will now close as I have no news of any importance to write.  pleas write as soon as you get this So I will close by remaining your kind & affectionate Husband untill Death. So good by My Dearest Dear untill we meet again by pen or in person.                                                   John W. Watson